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Due to a backlog of projects, our current lead-time for original art is about 6 months -
through May 2018.

Mitch is also preparing to begin a new direction and several personal projects. I will be revisiting my more visionary style of art, doing research into esoteric subjects, visionary artists, and working towards the development of a Tarot Deck. This will be a very time consuming and long-term project.

What this means to those looking for cover art is that long-standing clients will continue to being served, though their projects may take a bit longer. New clients will be chosen based upon the project and I will be much more choosy than in the past. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
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Wolfsong Serenade
Death Metal
Tengu Trap

Services - Illustration - It’s What We Do

Layout & Design

Basic layout and design work is “work for hire” we charge a per-piece/per-type rate as opposed to an hourly rate.

What is “work for hire?” It is work that does not require a contract - where the customer supplies the content, be it photographic manipulation, single-page layout of title and text, or a cover where the client already has the art, but needs someone to make it pop.
Examples —
  • Flyers, Ads, single page promotions
  • Posters, event posters, promotions or Film Posters
  • Art supplied cover designs, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Stock Art cover designs
  • Business Logos
  • Business Cards, Letterhead & branding
Business logos are also “work for hire” because it is highly art-directed and intended to be wholly owned branding when complete; design skills are what is being purchased.

Be sure to read our Policies Page for legal information.

Art & Illustration

Original Illustration — This is not photo-manipulation, this is art. Yes, we know there are sites that will throw together a cover cheaper; that falls under “work for hire” and should not to be confused with original art; we can do that too if you want to supply the photography.
Art usage is transferred via contract — This is the first thing you need to understand with freelance illustration. You need to have written permission to publish someone's art and that is done by transferring certain rights to the publisher. We offer different types of rights at different rates. We try to sell you only what you really need to keep your costs down.
Generally speaking — you should be prepared to spend between $180 to $1200 depending on how much time, work, additions & corrections go into your cover. Usually a well designed, detailed cover, will run about $315. from us (layout & design, a custom background, one main figure, and our Extended Publishing rights). Extra options and rights will add more to the final cost.

Typically, industry rates are easily double what we charge, starting at $600 or more for original art.

Conversely, be wary of those “99 design” places (design crowdsourcing) - you may wind up paying for stock art - or worse yet - stolen art.

“It’s a hundred lower-quality designers putting a few minutes of effort into your project (and possibly stealing the design from someone else) versus one higher-quality designer putting 20+ hours of effort into your project (and creating an original logo).”

No one can do good design for free, and those that loose your bid, are doing just that.

What you really want are better choices, not more choices.
Small Press Publishers - we know you have set rates, budgetary constraints and may wish to offer royalties instead of commissioning a piece... please email us your terms! We love working with small press publishers and see it as our mission to make sure all authors get the artwork their vision deserves, not just the "big names!"

Retail Sales

We sell our art and photography — we sometimes go to general or literary science-fiction & fantasy conventions to sell our stuff. We also will have a variety of products for sale right here on other pages, as soon as we have the time to finish our storefront.

Limited edition prints will become available for direct purchase as soon as we complete our store and galleries.
Upcoming Store Items —
  • Calendars
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Limited & Exclusive edition prints
  • Framed & large Canvas pieces

Categories planned —
  • Alien Landscapes
  • Alchemy & Abstracted
  • Spacescapes
  • Sci-Fi Illustration
  • Fantasy Illustration - and more!


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