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The Legal Stuff - Company & Policies

We primarily do a variety of graphic design work, illustrations, photography, printing and framing but we also create fine art, ceramics and pottery. Sometimes we do video and sound design as well. We specialize in services for the science fiction and fantasy publishing industry, but we can do so much more, we are a full design studio.

We are largely a home based services company, not a storefront. We do not normally take walk-in clients but we can arrange for a meeting if necessary. Please email, call or use one of our contact forms to make an appointment.
We are hosted by Fatcow, who buys wind power for their needs. How cool is that?

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  • Business Model

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    Atomic Fly Studios is a sole proprietorship based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We have a Federal FIN number, a PA state business tax number and we are registered in Harrisburg with a Business Privilege & Mercantile License as an Art Gallery.
  • Copyright Notice

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    All work on this site is © 2017 and earlier by Mitchell Davidson Bentley, Catherine Ann McCormick and/or Atomic Fly Studios. All rights reserved.

    Please contact us for permission to use any of our work. In many cases personal use is no problem and educational use is allowable by copyright law. However, public use and publication in any medium, including the internet, is prohibited by law unless permission is granted in writing. No images, writing, video, music or content may be downloaded, scanned, copied, printed or distributed without specific permission in writing by copyright holder(s). Much of our work is available at reasonable rates for publication. Many of our pieces are under contract for different publications, so it is necessary for us to know what use you intend.

    As always, high quality prints and originals, produced in our own studio, are also available for purchase.
  • Privacy Statement

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    Any personal information collected through these web pages (newsletter sign up or merchandise order forms) will be used for Atomic Fly Studios receipt, quality control, administration, and promotional purposes only. Actual orders are processed through the secure Paypal System.
    We do not sell, lend or otherwise give our mailing list to any other person, group, organization, or company except as may be required by law.
  • Purchase & Shipping Policies

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    We accept personal checks (US only) and credit cards processed through PayPal. All personal checks must clear the banking process first, please allow an additional 10 days for complete verification and processing.

    • $40 will be charged for returned checks, plus any other resultant fees caused by insufficient funds.
    • All transactions are to be made in United States currency.
    • Six percent PA Sales Tax and/or Use Tax may be added to all sales and services. 
    • Payment verification is required prior to shipment of purchased artwork. 
    • Finished products are shipped via most convenient and/or lowest price ground service shipper unless otherwise specified. 
    • A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to begin all custom design work. Kill fees apply to all contracts cancelled after work begins on a project (see Design Services process for details.) 
    • Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We will work with you to make it right. 

    All policies are subject to change, however we will attempt to post any changes here with reasonable notice, as deemed appropriate by management. We reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, or ship to places deemed by management to be unreliable or piracy prone.
  • Return Policies

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    AFS warranties all products to be of quality materials and workmanship as stated by each product line explanation. AFS will exchange any defective product with another or with an item of equal value as set by normal pricing procedures, excluding close outs and special sales items.

    AFS does not normally refund for defective items, however, our goal is customer satisfaction and sales of quality products. To that end we reserve the right to make exceptions, as well as the right to deny services and sales as deemed appropriate by management.
  • Design Process Policies

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    After initial inquiry, AFS will provide a written estimate if requested. Estimates include work to be delivered, and if necessary, anticipated timelines for concepts, approvals and delivery of final product. This estimate must be signed and returned to AFS with payment for 30% of the estimated cost in order for work to begin. If the project is cancelled by the client after work has begun, the 30% fee is retained by AFS as a “kill fee.” 

    This is our official policy for major projects. In most cases, we operate like any other service provider once we have a working relationship; we bill you after the work is completed and expect prompt payment.

    Prices are subject to change. We provide estimates on request for major projects, at no additional charge. Requesting detailed estimates on smaller projects may incur an extra charge of $10.


All content ©1990-2017 by Atomic Fly Studios. All rights reserved.
No images may be downloaded or used without specific written permission. email contact